S&R Membership Shopping

S&R Membership Shopping

S&R is a membership-shopping Warehouse Club modelled after the warehouse shopping chains introduced in the United States.

The core concept of S&R is to deliver significant value to member-customers through an effective and efficient system anchored on aggressive buying, low-cost distribution and streamlined operations.

This is underlined with this mission: As a membership Club, we are a reliable provider of quality merchandise at the lowest possible price, focused on driving profitable sales and improving our Member’s purchasing power.

S&R started with warehouses in four key locations in BGC, Alabang, Congressional, and ASEANA in 2006. Since then, its reputation for offering a unique selection and streamlined shopping experience at the lowest possible price has only grown stronger. 

Through the years, S&R has gained a reputation of having a comprehensive imported selection at great value; a comprehensive Wines & Spirits section at lowest prices; imported premium quality meat & fresh items; and a US-style bakery. It has also started the shift to bigger pack sizes to deliver better value to the members.

S&R has also developed Member’s Value brand. An S&R private label brand which gives the quality of national brands, at significantly lower prices. 

Fast forward to today (2022), there are now 22 Warehouses Clubs across the Philippines, and S&R plans to go on aggressive expansion in the next 5 years. 

On top of the warehouse Club format, S&R is also popularly known for the S&R New York Style Pizza chains present across the country. From its presence inside the Warehouse Clubs, it has expanded to 50 stand alone quick service restaurant chains available nationwide, and will continue to expand moving forward. 

To deliver an even bigger value to the S&R member, S&R partnered with Unioil where members can enjoy PHP5.00 per liter discount on gasoline 95 and 97, PHP3.00 per liter discount on gasoline 91, PHP2.50 per liter discount on diesel. This can be enjoyed in over 100 Unioil stations nationwide. 

As S&R grows, it has also accelerated measures to be a responsible citizen in the country by investing in clean energy to reduce its carbon footprint. Currently, it has 17 solar-powered Warehouse Clubs with a goal to expand to all the Warehouse Clubs. Through this, S&R continues to contribute significantly in combating Carbon dioxide emissions given that 52% of the power generation electricity in the Philippines comes from Coal fire power plants. 

Beyond solar-power, S&R has also fully complied with the ordinance of local government units banning the use of plastic bags and plastic drinking straws which often find their way into the ocean.

S&R shall continue to pursue its vision to provide the best membership shopping experience.  Its unique format of big size, quality imported products at value pricing is unmatched in the industry.  Cognizant of this competitive advantage and with the country’s strong economic growth, S&R remains confident in its course and aims to do more in the coming years.