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Board Committees


Board of Directors
Chairman of the Board:                                            Lucio L. Co
Directors  Susan P. Co
  Leonardo B. Dayao
  Levi Labra
  Atty. Eduardo F. Hernandez
  Roberto Juanchito T. Dispo
Independent Directors: Oscar S. Reyes
  Robert Y. Cokeng
  Atty. Bienvenido E. Laguesma
Executive Committee: 
Chairman: Lucio L. Co
Members:  Susan P. Co
  Leonardo B. Dayao
Audit Committee 
Chairman: Robert Y. Cokeng (Independent Director) 
Members: Oscar S. Reyes
  Atty. Bienvenido E. Laguesma
  Leonardo B. Dayao
  Susan P. Co
 Audit Committee Charter as of February 25, 2013
Nomination Committee  
Chairman:  Susan P. Co
Members: Eduardo F. Hernandez
  Levi B. Labra
Compensation Committee  
Chairman: Lucio L. Co
Members: Leonardo B. Dayao
  Oscar S. Reyes (Independent Director)
Corporate Governance Committee  
Chairman: Oscar S. Reyes (Independent Director)
Members: Susan P. Co
  Levi B. Labra


Our Investment Portfolio
Our Investment Portfolio

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