Montosco Inc.

Montosco was registered with SEC on August 13, 2008 and was acquired by Cosco Capital in 2012.

A large scale of Keepers revenue and net profits comes from Montosco. It holds a leadership position in the two major categories of the imported spirit sector of the alcoholic beverages industry - Spanish brandy and Scotch whisky. 

Montosco owns and distributes Alfonso Brandy, not only the leading imported brandy but the largest imported spirit brand in the Philippine market. 

The Alfonso brand commands the majority of Montosco as well as Keepers revenue base. Alfonso Brandy products are produced by Bodegas Williams and Humbert from Jerez, Spain. 

Completing the core of its revenue base, Montosco distributes the diverse portfolio of Diageo, a British multinational and the leading spirits producer and brand owner in the world. 

Topping the list of the global and leading brands of Diageo that Montosco distributes are Johnnie Walker-  the leading scotch whisky brand in the world, Singleton fast-growing single malt scotch whisky, Baileys cream liqueur - one of the leading liqueurs globally, Tanqueray and Glibeys gins, super premium Don Julio tequila and Seagrams 7 whisky liqueur. 

On January 2023, Montosco acquired the cocktail mixer brand ISLAND MIXER Lime from Diageo Philippines. ISLAND MIXER Lime is a non-alcoholic citrus flavored cocktail mixer and a perfect accompaniment for gin, vodka, tequila and rum cocktails. 

With its dedicated sales, marketing, operations, and finance teams, Montosco brings in, markets, and distributes the said brands thru its nationwide network of customers, wholesalers, retail chains, and sub-distributors.